Happy October!

As the autumn season advances, I have been very reflective of the ever-changing seasons in my own life. In the blink of an eye, seasons come and seasons go {time tends to speed up the older you become, or so it seems}.  Some seasons of life seem all too short, while other seasons feel as though to last f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

In reality, no matter the number of days allotted to a specific season of life, all seasons are just that: seasons. Every season has a beginning and an ending accompanied by a beautiful and/or challenging in between period. In light of our unfathomable eternity, seasons come and go before we even understand all that was lost or gained in that given time.

The beautiful bittersweetness of seasons is that these periods of time are ever-changing. Understanding this truth makes living in the current season much sweeter, as well as making the exiting of the season sometimes quite painful. As we grow and change in this brief lifetime, seasons will come and go along with the people and experiences of each moment. Although a season will not last forever, the experiences and transformations to which a season impacted our lives will resonant throughout eternity.